Virtual Assistant Logistic Experience


Operation Control Center-(OCC) Hub control

Scope of Project

Ensuring itinerary fulfillment from international flights to achieve operational standards and maintain high-quality control to protect human life and ensure safety and security during flight operations.

Negotiating arrivals and departures, analyzing connectivity of international Avianca flights, and making quick, definitive decisions in cases of contingencies for successful business operations.

Coordinating with different areas of the HUB Operation Control Center to make informed decisions that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of international flight operations.

Leading and coordinating other areas of service on each flight to ensure appropriate actions are taken to maintain seamless connectivity and timely execution.

Troubleshooting diligently to maintain a 90% score of satisfied and very satisfied KPIs.

Managing, controlling, and supervising human resources to fulfill company policies and execute efficient strategies that generate savings for the company.

Maintaining a good working environment in a high-pressure environment and providing effective onboarding to new staff.

Project Summary

The main goal and commitment of the Operation Control Center (OCC) of flights is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of flights by closely monitoring and managing all aspects of the flight operations. This includes coordinating and communicating with various departments, such as maintenance, ground handling, and crew scheduling, to ensure that all flights are prepared and ready for departure on time, with the necessary resources and personnel in place.

The OCC is also responsible for monitoring and responding to any unexpected events or disruptions that may occur during the flight and taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and crew. Ultimately, the OCC is committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency in flight operations.

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